Moving or Renovating Your Home, Have a Marble Dining Table!

Best Marble Top by DeCasa Marble Dining Table

DeCasa Marble is dedicated to bringing the best natural stone materials from all around the world in Australia. Giving each family the chance to have a one of a kind marble dining table at home. From a starting up to big families, DeCasa Marble dining table can be custom-made from 4ft up to 10ft in size using a single piece of marble stone. Each piece of DeCasa Marble is specially handmade by the talented and skillful people in Malaysia.

DeCasa Marbles comes in completely unique shades, colors, and designs from each other. It shines when struck by light creating a sleek surface and beautiful aesthetic on the dining area that catches everyone’s eye instantly. It makes the Decasa Marble dining table perfect to place at your new home.

Have a DeCasa Marble Dining Table at Home

Regardless of renovating or moving to a new home having DeCasa marble dining table at home is one of the savviest decisions you can ever make. A marble dining table is a trend that will never go out of style. It can always be the center of attraction at home. Having even a single piece of DeCasa Marble is a unique piece of art in the dining area and can complete the whole interior of the house.

DeCasa Marble dining table can be custom-made depending on the size and design you desire. The marble dining table comes into two different shapes:

  1. Rectangular shaped marble dining table
  2. Round shaped marble dining table

Rectangular Shaped Marble Dining Table

The DeCasa rectangular shaped marble dining tables are nested with a variety of coating for a stain-free and long-lasting, marble dining table. There are more than a thousand designs where you can choose from. A rectangular shaped marble dining table is perfect for a big family.

Round Shaped Marble Dining Table

If the rectangular dining table doesn’t suit your taste, the rounded ones might be the best choice for you. Like the rectangular shapes dining tables, there are a lot of unique designs you can check and choose from.

No one appreciates the natural beauty of the marble stone as we do and DeCasa Marble Aus would like to share the beauty of the marbles with you. With many years of experience within the natural stone trade and craft, DeCasa Marble’s skillful and experienced people are trained to provide the best quality of dining table materials to create the DeCasa marble dining table a simple style aesthetic.

Visit DeCasa Marble Aus and get your very own DeCasa Marble dining table today!

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