About Us

History’s most exulted architectures for its raw beauty and delicate patterns.

Welcome to DeCasa Marble Australia, your one-stop solution to finding a custom-made marble dining table. Marbles are natural stone formed under the calcareous bed on earth. Only a few marbles come in single colours. Marbles come in every shade of colours. At DeCasa, we have white, black, beige, green and even some rare colours in our selections. Usually, they also carry non-repetitive natural veins and crystal lines.

There’s no one that appreciates the beauty of natural stones like DeCasa does. We are committed to source the best natural stone materials from all around the world. Rest assured, one of your dining table is a unique piece of art in your dining area.

Our Strength

Beyond consultation, design and installation. We’re also experts in marble maintenance services.

From small to the big families, our dining tables can be custom made from 4ft up until 10ft in size from a single piece of marble. Each marble dining table is handcrafted here in Malaysia. You are now able to mix and match the table top and table stand for your own perfect dining table. More than 1000 choices of dining tables to choose from, the selections can go beyond your imagination.

Every piece of your dining table is specially handmade from our excellent workmanship. These stain resistant dining tables are made for easy cleaning to ensure you will be able to enjoy your every meal on the carefully crafted natural stone.

DeCasa Marble is a Malaysia based marble dining table manufacturer. We are currently setting up our showroom in Australia. Sent us your enquiries, we will reply you with a quoted price. Each dining table will be shipped directly from Malaysia.